jai is an exciting new programming language being developed by Jonathan Blow (Wikipedia, Twitter). The stated aim of the language is to be a better language for programming games than C++, but the language really is a general alternative to C++ with the following goals:

  • high performance
  • joy of programming
  • simplicity
  • low friction
  • designed for good programmers

This website contains resources and information about this new language.

Jai libraries

The progsbase library collection will be made available in jai immediately after jai is released. The technology that makes it possible to make these libraries for jai is described in the book Foundations of Computer Science. You can also check out the video introduction.

Jai Language Presentations

Jonathan Blow maintains a playlist for the presentations on his YouTube Page.

Here are the presentations in chronological order:

Resources Recommended in Talks

In the above talks, a number of readings and listentings are recommended. Here are some of the recommendations.

Jai Livestreams

Jonathan Blow often programs jai live at his his Twitch channel. All the videoes are archived in this YouTube playlist.

Jai Tools

Other jai Resources