Inductive AS is a research and technology company that develops and implements algorithms for heavy, industrial computational problems.

Inductive works with concrete industrial computation problems, the latest research results and the latest hardware technologies to develop and implement effective algorithms. This is an inductive method, from which the company takes its name.

Pairwiser implements a proprietary, state-of-the-art algorithm for combinatorial test design and related algorithms (also called pairwise testing, t-wise or t-way testing or all-pairs testing.) It is commercially available through the Pairwiser web service which gives access to a web user interface and an API.


Inductive is the company behind Pairwiser, a web service, web user interface and tool collection suite hosting a state of the art algorithm for generating pairwise (as well as 1 and 3-wise and mixed strength) covering arrays.


Pairwiser user-inteface


jai is a new and exciting programming language by Jonathan Blow. The stated aim of the language is to be a better language for programming games than C++, but the language really is a general alternative to C++ with the following goals:

  • high performance
  • joy of programming
  • simplicity
  • low friction
  • designed for good programmers

We provide resources and an early experimental plugin for jai development.